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I started playing online poker about three years ago
and I quickly went through about $ 500. My problem was not that I was a terrible poker player;. My questions had more to do with the environment At that time
my usual place to play poker
was a brick-and-mortar setting
where people get to read
observe trends and a little good sense of the effect over time. Online poker takes the item
it is difficult to read an avatar: “Is he thinking
or did he just take a bath to break?” You never know why someone does what they do. This is said to dominate
you can learn while you play online
you must be disciplined and play the odds more than the person. Once you start playing online
how many different styles you see will be thrilled. Here is how I categorize them. The Ultra-Aggressive: Style: try’s to steal blinds when he / she shy player acknowledges by raising more than the tables blinds
throws almost all the time flop
river. Is often to win at a table and go all-in
and leave. This guy is all about immediacy
either win now or leaves. How to play: let this guy steal a few small pots
having before it tends to get a little conservative
you can usually catch him / her with a strong commitment in a pot
be careful and let your emotions get the better of you. If you have a strong hand
it is usually worth the risk matching his output The Poker Pro: Style: This person can always know that they have a poker God
they are the ABC of poker and play pretty much by the book. This player will often explain why he / she did the way they and why you were an idiot for betting
as you did
spewing statistics and quotas to protect its claim bet. What cracks me up about the project is likely to be very upset after discovering they were the victim of a bad beat
they will often do you complain about the chat box and I’m sure they are so you know
that they think you are waving the number-one while the finger at the monitor. If you are caused to lose that person
if they can not statistically
they will remain at the table until they are stopped or asked their revenge! How to play: Do something stupid
let him think you’re a fish
he / she does not prove able to withstand you how smart they are and they are going to teach you a lesson. I slowly usually play these guys and force their hand on the river .. Look for straights and flushes
I have lost more nuts to the river than I care to admit. Pros like to play their hands and play with you slowly
because the value of the pot is worth playing slowly with you. Everyone’s Friend: Style: was happy with everyone
everyone says what a great hand chat or how well they played
etc. Usually
that person is a decent ; worthy of players as they show the PRO
his knowledge of poker jargon and the like are more likely to bluff occasionally to show their cards (just to show you how intelligent they are) then condescendingly as a Bad Beat to apologize. How to play: I get a little aggressive with this guy
he tends to the conservative side and will typically not over-commit
but ask that you show your cards before he folds
he never yours! You can usually distract him a little chat to indulge his need. Everyone’s Enemy: Style: A step-down on the evolutionary scale from the ultra-aggressive
this player wants a fight with someone
usually a terrible player
but for some reason is lucky to pick a lot. Enemy play good hands and bad hands the same way
daring to match his move
you insult if he wins and whip you if he loses. Interestingly enough this player tends to a table to better control than most people are enough to not upset their game. Heaven help us if the Pro takes Enemy’s bankroll you’ll never hear the end of it. How to play: This guy is simply unbeatable when you are a good hand J’s or better
you probably win
is this guy going to high-card or small pairs
even if you lose
if you have more than likely i
t soon enough. Nothing annoys him more than you no more than respond. Silent But Deadly Shark: Style: Folds is much to very little. In the online poker world this guy usually wins the big money
especially because when they play a hand they usually play a hand is worth. They are the ones who usually bring in Ultra Aggressive and foe. Then go back to play conservatively and wait for their next fish fry. How to play: Starts out like a fish and he will you usually win the first games to be careful when they bet on pot size. Once I found out that she’s fine
I play it conservatively aggressive
change my style to the table justifies a good bluff here and there keeps everyone honest
beating this guy is the best feeling when They play online Silent But Deadly-Fish: Style: Initially difficult to determine whether they are fish or shark. They are the same as Shark often put under-or over-bet
so never really win
but slowly lose. Finally
fish show its colors and gets swallowed up. How to play: Just play smart poker not eat
drain that person
let him slowly that they keep coming back
they make a friend
greet them every time they join your table to remind them eventually to learn or leave. Also
when playing poker online to watch these players
they will identify very quickly
so simple your game accordingly
it does not take long to feel for the online to get games
not “how long does it take caught ‘for someone to give the bet more attention to their personality

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